This week we had the pleasure of working with a great customer to provide a quality epoxy floor coating for his garage floor. As you can see in the first two photos the existing coating is failing and is the product of a do it yourself kit purchased at a home improvement store. The problem with these kits is that they are not a true epoxy coating.

Hot tire pickup from an inferior do-it-yourself epoxy garage floor kit.
These systems are not the best option for a floor where you will be parking your car. They look good until you actually use them. Professional Garage Epoxy Floor systems use a higher grade of products.

Completed project! The customer loves his new Professional epoxy floor system and will enjoy many years of service. We also provide a lifetime guarantee to assure our customers of a long-lasting product!

Our Commercial grade epoxy systems are a true 2 part epoxy coating with a high solids content. We completely prepare the floor repairing cracks and grinding the floor surface with our HTC grinding machine using diamond impregnated bits to get down to bare concrete, opening up the surface for a proper mechanical and chemical bond. We use a 100% chip broadcast to the point you can barely see the base color of epoxy. After that dries overnight we apply a top coat of our Crystal Clear Epoxy to provide a durable surface with a nice shine that is easy to clean.