No garage design is complete without a fabulous floor! Since a garage floor takes more daily abuse than any other floor in the home, it should be beautiful, yet tough enough to handle all your traffic, storage, and project needs! We offer storage solutions and even painting of walls ceiling and trim. Anything from floor coatings to a complete garage makeover!
Non-slip Epoxy coatings can turn garage floors into an extension of your living area. A garage floor coating is one of the easiest ways to instantly upgrade any garage. It transforms that dull, ugly slab of concrete into a beautiful and functional part of your home.

Our Epoxy Floor System can be used in other areas as well. Basements can be drab, dusty and hard to clean. With our epoxy floor coating, you may just fall in love with the extra living space created! That office floor that’s begun to crack and peel can be coated with our Epoxy Floor System and become bright, beautiful. Non- skid and anti-microbial. Our long-lasting finish is perfect for high-traffic areas. Your imagination is our canvas!


Floor Type:  Epoxy
Builder: Pro Garage Floor
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